List of Indian Gaming Chairs You Can Buy Right Now – Oct 2019

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If you are a gamer (which you must be if you are reading this), you sit for hours in front of your PC/Console playing games that you love. Although great for enjoyment, all this sitting takes a toll on the body if you do not have the right kind of posture and support while sitting. Enter gaming chairs! We have seen pictures and videos of all sorts og gaming cahirs like DxRacer, Vertablue etc. all over the internet. But it is not clear what all options are available for purchase in India.

Below we list out the Gaming chairs that are available or will be available in India from different brands, allowing you to better make a decision about your purchase.

All prices mentioned are those available as of 16th July on the brands’ respective pages. We are simply listing the chairs and are not ranking them in anyway.

1.) Ant E-sports

                      indian Gaming chairs ant e sports chairs

Ant E-sports has one of the widest collection of Gaming chairs in the list of brands that we will be going over today. They have chairs from different price ranges so you can choose one that easily fits your budget. They even have chairs made specially for console gamers.  All the information we have is from the info graphic above.

Click here to buy Ant Esports Chairs

2.) Green Soul Gaming Chairs

Currently one of the most popular selling chairs on Amazon, Green Soul is offering competitively priced gaming chairs in the Indian market on Amazon. Being a company that as per their website focuses on Comfort, Support, Durability and Design there gaming chair offerings look extremely promising and also are offered at great prices. They have 4 different models of chairs in lots of different colors.

green soul - gamers nation

green soul - gamers nation

Click on the below links to purchase Green Soul Gaming chairs.

Alien Series₹10,490Click here to Buy Alien Series

Best Series –  ₹12,990 – Click here to Buy Beast Series

Racer Series – ₹13,990 – Click here to buy Racer Series 

Monster Series –  ₹15,990 – Click here to Buy Monster Series

3.) MIKA Study Chair

Mika study chair is not technically an Gaming chair (did the name give it away?), but because of its looks and features it has steadily become popular among Gamers in India. With its pricing also at par with the other gaming chairs, the Mika study chair is definitely a contender for consideration.

Mika study chair indian gaming chairs

White: ₹8,999                                 Red: ₹9,999

Click here to buy                              Click here to buy


  • The cushioned, adjustable armrests support you as you move.
  • The torsion control knob allows you to adjust the tension of the springs in the chair to match your body weight. Tighten it for more resistance in the backrest.
  • Lock-tilt mechanism–Single lever controls seat height, and locks the chairs in position, or allows tilt
  • Torsion control knob
  • Swivel chrome base
  • Powder coated   adjustable armrests
  • Gas lift
  • Nylon castor wheels
  • Foam cushion with leatherette (PU) upholstery

4.) Circle Gaming

First on our list is Circle gaming. They have 3 Gaming Chairs on offer. These chairs have similar prices ranges as compared to Ant E-sports. Circle Gaming has mentioned detailed features for all of the chairs which we have shown below. All the chairs also come with a 1 year warranty as mentioned on their website.

Circle indian Gaming chairs


1.) CG CH 50: ₹8,990      Click for more info

2.) CG CH 70₹19,990    Click for more info

3.) CG CH 90: ₹24,990    Click for more info

circle gaming info

5.) ThermalTake

ThermalTake a company from Taiwan which also owns the Esports brand TTesports is a well known name in the hardware department. This leaves no doubt that their gaming chair offerings are also quite awesome.

thermaltake indian gaming chairs                          

GT Comfort  (red)                   GT FIT F100 (green)
Price: ₹26,625                      Price: ₹28,850

Thermaltake chairs can be purchased here.

  • Chair with casters and five-point base
  • Seat rest with dense foam padding
  • Backrest with lumbar support
  • Armrest with adjustable height and width
  • Seat height hydraulic adjustment
  • Chair recline and tilt function
  • Chair with casters and five-point base

Premium faux pvc leather
High-quality faux leather for enhanced durability, breathability and splash resistance to accidental spills. Use of pvc provides enhanced durability than that of traditional pu materials and is easier to maintain.

Adjustable back
Allows for effortless adjustment of back angle up to 160 degrees for optimal sitting position during general and gaming use.

Sturdy 5 star aluminum base
By using a premium grade aluminium base which is designed to support a max load of 120kg, the chair is more durable and long-lasting compared to it’s nylon based counterpart. With internal structured design and a 70cm (25”) width it is also more stable and solid.

Large 3” caster wheels
Use of large 3” caster wheels provide enhanced base support whilst in use. Wider wheel base also provides quieter operation and further adds to the stability of the chair with even greater freedom of movement.

6.) Aorus AGC300

Aorus the gaming brand owned by Gigabyte is not new name. They have launched their AGC300 Gaming chair in India

AORUS AGC300 - GAMERS NATION - gaming chairs india


  • Ergonomic design – more efficient and comfortable
  • Free headrest cushion and lumbar support cushion
  • Higher backrest saves neck and spine
  • flexible seat back with adjustment
  • Special soft and adjustable armrests to protect the shoulders and wrists

Current Price: ₹20,560/-

7.) Vertagear

S-Line SL4000 Racing Series Gaming Chair – White
Price: ₹40,047 

Well for good measure we wanted to try and cover all the chairs that we could and well this is one of them also available in India. So to each his own, if this fits your budget you can check it out over on Amazon.

venturi indian gaming chairs

  • Reinforced 5-star base – redesigned and constructed from a heavy-duty alloy material that assures
  • Tilting feature with adjustable resistance and locking system
  • Effortless assembly – “slide-in” design creates a quick one-person installation process
  • Custom racing stylist pentad rs1 casters coated with PU for soft and smooth gliding on any surface
  • Cushioned and contoured to the shape of the arm with adjustability in 4 directions
  • Warranty not applicable in India for items sold by Amazon Export Sales LLC

8.) Local

Last and well probably least also we have the good old fashioned and reliable local plastic chair.

local indian gaming chairs

  • Available in RGB colors :p
  • Durable
  • Easily replaceable
  • Can be bought in bulk

Did you like our list? Do you have suggestions? Do let us know in the comments.
We will keep updating this list as and when more information is available to us.

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