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 Top Gaming Keyboards In India 


If you’re into the PC gaming business, you must be aware of the importance of having a good gaming keyboard. The top gaming keyboards can vary a lot in size, prices, functionalities, and features. A gaming keyboard is expensive doesn’t always mean that it’s also the best. Therefore, you need to know precisely what you’re buying. 

Many times, gamers who are unclear about their purchase end up buying the wrong products. It’s important to know what to expect from your purchase. Moreover, the keyboard you’re choosing should also be suitable to provide you with the gaming experience you need.

Since there is a ton of variety available and gaming keyboards India is one of the most searched topics, we will help you narrow down your research by giving you a list of the best gaming keyboards available in India. 

And that’s why we’ll be focusing on the best gaming keyboards under 15k. This will help you in buying highly functional keyboards at a reasonable price. So read further. 

Top Gaming Keyboard In India – Reviews

1. CORSAIR K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Design Elements 

The Corsair K70 mechanical gaming keyboard features an amazing full-size keyboard design. Without the wrist rest, the keyboard measures 17 x 6, and with the wrist rest, it measures around 17 x 9 inches. The entire surface of the keyboard is made with aluminum, giving it a premium touch. It’s designed in a way that will fit perfectly in an office setting as well as a gaming setup. 

The keyboard also features RGB backlighting, and you get a bunch of tweaking options for those. You can change their timings, and create various lighting effects.


The K70 excellent in its style, with the RGB backlighting, is also equally significant in its performance. You can do a lot of customizations to the keyboard, depending on the performance you want. Its software features four different tabs, Profiles, Actions, Lighting, and Settings. 

Through the Profiles tab, you can make your own profile of keys and even upload it online to access and use other users’ profiles. Through the Actions tab, you can choose what action you want to assign to a particular key. 

The Lighting tab focuses on how you want to change the lighting settings of the keyboard. And lastly, the Setting tab allows you to make changes to the keyboard’s settings. The Cherry MX switches give a super quiet and smooth typing experience as well. 


  • Durable aluminum build quality
  • Cherry MX switches give excellent typing experience 
  • Comfortable palm rest


  • Software is a little complicated to understand

2. HyperX HX-KB2BL2-US/R1 Alloy Elite RGB LED Cherry MX Blue Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Incredible Design

The HyperX Alloy Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard comes with a futuristic design. The keys are backlit with RGB LED lights. The lights are perfectly diffused with all the colors you can imagine, available. The body is a mixture of plastic and steel, giving it a unique feel. 

However, the palm rest of the Alloy Elite RGB isn’t the best. It’s a plastic build, along with soft paint, and doesn’t feel too comfortable. Other than that, however, the frameless design is incredible and offers a pleasant usage experience. 

The Software

Through Alloy Elite RGB, HyperX comes up with its first software-based product. Named NGenuity, the software isn’t the worst, but it’s also nowhere close to the best. If you even want to alter your keyboard’s lighting, you have to create a big letdown profile. 

It also doesn’t allow to mix and mesh different light effects, which most other keyboards of the same category do allow. 

However, the software does come with the gaming keys of most popular games, if not all. What’s better is that the company plans to come up with new updates for the software as time passes and more games come out. 

Performance Levels

Even though the Alloy Elite RGB has plastic keys, it still manages to give a decent gaming and usage experience. The keys come with premium-quality Cherry MX switches that deliver a soft and quiet typing experience. 

If you’re looking for a good gaming experience where you don’t end up putting too much effort on your fingers then the Alloy Elite RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard can be the perfect fit for you. 


  • Durable, sleek-looking design
  • Cherry MX switches provide high-quality typing experience
  • Comes preloaded with different gaming profile keys


  • The build isn’t full aluminum which is unfair, at this price
  • The software doesn’t perform too well

3. Razer Ornata Expert – Revolutionary Mecha-Membrane Gaming Keyboard


Ergonomic Design

The Razer Ornata Expert is a sinister-looking, high-quality gaming keyboard. It features keycaps that are custom made to be mid-height, so you get the best typing and gaming experience. 

Moreover, mid-height keys also put less stress on your fingers, allowing you to move your fingers more freely.

The individual backlit keys can be programmed to have different lighting effects that add a lot more personalization to your gaming experiences. The wrist rest that comes with the keyboard is ergonomically designed to provide you the most comfortable experience, no matter how long your gaming sessions last. 

Performance Results

The Razer Ornata performs as good as it looks. It comes with Razer’s brand new technology, the Razer Mecha-Membrane. The technology means that the keyboard keys feature a soft rubber dome that cushions the click of a mechanical switch present in each key, providing you a soft and swift typing and gaming feel. 

To further boost the performance, the Razer Ornata comes with the Razer Synapse software, which helps in personalizing your experience with the keyboard. It lets you configure the keyboard’s settings, including actions and even lighting patterns. 


  • Features the Mecha-Membrane technology
  • Sleek design with all-black body
  • Extremely comfortable, padded wrist rest


  • Quite overpriced for the value it offers

Comparison Chart

ProductItem WeightSwitch TypeBacklighting
1. CORSAIR K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard1.2 kgCherry MXYes
2. HyperX HX-KB2BL2-US/R1 Alloy Elite RGB LED Cherry MX Blue Mechanical Gaming Keyboard1.5 kgCherry MXYes
3. Razer Ornata Expert –  Mecha-Membrane Gaming Keyboard953 gMecha-Membrane Yes


Gaming keyboards form an essential part of an enjoyable gaming experience. If you’re unable to click on the keys properly or their responsiveness, you’ll have a hard time gaming. 

We hope this article will help you find the perfect fit keyboard for your gaming experience as we’ve listed down some of the top gaming keyboards for your purchase. 

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