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mario kart tour - gamers nation

Mario Kart Tour coming to Mobiles

In recent years, Nintendo like other console manufacturers has focused on developing games for the own home gaming consoles while ...
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notmycar - gamers nation

Notmycar – PUBG meets Twisted Metal

What is Notmycar and why should you play it? If you like PUBG, but you find it way too complicated ...
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ironsight beta - gamers nation

IronSIght Beta Review – An Ambitious FPS Game with AAA Quality

We had a chance to play the Ironsight beta and we can definitely say this game is a lot like ...
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animal crossing - gamers nation

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp comes to Mobile Phones in November

Animal Crossing is one of the most interesting and funny IP's created by Nintendo. But up until this point, we ...
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lunar battle-gamers-nation

Atari® Launches Lunar Battle™ a New Hybrid City-Builder and Space Shooter

Atari which is well known around the world as one of the most iconic interactive entertainment producers , today released ...
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Games Releasing in the Month of November

Games Releasing in the Month of November

Its that time of the month again, where we list out all the games that are going to come out ...
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respawn and oculus vr war game gamers nation

Respwan Entertainment and Oculus Working on Real War VR Game

The developer of Titanfall from the Respawn Entertainment is working reportedly on a new virtual reality title which is a ...
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past cure gamers nation

Past Cure is a Cinematic Sci-Fi Thriller that Looks Promising

Do you remember Past Cure? It was introduced in the past July along with a trailer which showcased "the struggles ...
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left alive gamers nation 2

Left Alive – New Trailer and Preview

Square Enix had a surprise in store for the spectators at Tokyo Game Show, the details for Left Alive were ...
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road redemption gamers nation

Road Redemption is the Modern Age Road Rash that you need to Play

Road Rash was one of the most epic games a few years ago, and the best part about it was ...
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gamers nation october

Games Releasing in the Month of October

Well its that time of the month again, we're close to the end and its time to start planning your ...
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gamers nation divinity 1

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is living up to the Hype?

Divinity: Original Sin was a huge success for the Larian Studios team and it was easy to imagine that we ...
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gamers nation battletech 1

BattleTech – Turn Based Tactical Mech Combat

Over 20 BattleTech video games have been released till now since the board game first made its debut some decades ...
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scorn gamers nation 1

Scorn – The Atmospheric Horror that will leave you Terrified

If you’re looking for a horror game that manages to establish an atmosphere of horror from the onset and delivers ...
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atomega gamers nation 1

Atomega : Ubisoft Announces Unique FPS Shooter

As surprising as it may seem, Ubisoft has announced a new MMO FPS games that’s due to be released by ...
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Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite gamers nation

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite Preview and Pre-order Skins

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite is one of the oldest fighting game franchises on the market. It’s hard to believe that ...
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gamers nation ancestors legacy

Ancestors Legacy – A Historically Accurate RTS set in Medieval Times

You need to have a lot of guts in order to be a warrior. Bravery, resistance to pain, fast reflexes ...
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scuffle buddies gamers nation

Scuffle Buddies – The New Game from Butterscotch Shenanigans’

Butterscotch Shenanigans, the developers behind Crashlands, have announced they’ll be releasing a new game called Scuffle Buddies. The new game ...
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gamers nation amazin eternals

Amazing Eternals – The Alternative FPS Game with Deck Building

The Amazing Eternals is a free to play upcoming team based hero shooter game by the developers behind the Hero ...
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Games releasing in september gamers nation

Games Releasing in the Month of September

Lets take a look at all the games releasing in September. Of course most of the eyes are on Destiny ...
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